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North Korea Definitely Has Unicorns

Think about it for a sec­ond.
Every piece of footage we get of North Korea is always, like, an emp­ty hotel. Oh, cool, VICE went to North Korea and ate at a fuck­ing restau­rant. Yeah? I can eat at a restau­rant too, ass­hole. You didn’t even try to go into the woods there and film a uni­corn.
All we hear news-wise com­ing out of North Korea is some pro­pa­gan­da about super-pow­er­ful North Kore­an nukes, and there’s always some­thing in there about their fear­less leader hand-feed­ing a uni­corn baby. Con­stant­ly with these fuck­ing uni­corns. But when some­one says some­thing about uni­corns in that news­feed, it’s dis­re­gard­ed. But what if it’s true?
It’s not like we can get any good satel­lite footage of North Korea to con­firm that they have herds of beau­ti­ful uni­corns pranc­ing around the fields, and even then, they’re prob­a­bly pranc­ing around the woods instead of the fields.
The point is, I’m thor­ough­ly con­vinced that they have uni­corns in North Korea.
Edi­tor, Cul­ture