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Culture Editor Ammnontet spares nothing in his sui generis future.

Surviving on Soylent

Soylent is a beverage that you can drink and you can keep drinking it, and you might never be able to stop drinking the stuff, sadly enough. I'm very sorry.

Donald Trump Trapped Behind Walls

We’re currently receiving reports that Donald Trump, Republican presidential candidate notorious for his claims that he would build a wall separating America and Mexico, has just trapped himself behind a series of walls. Sources

Fairy Bread: A Recap

Take a look at this. Jesus Christ. ustralians call this culinary anomaly ‘fairy bread’, which, I believe, in Australian means ‘a small imbecile of note has shoved this piece of shit into my mouth, mate. Cor blimey or whatever.’

Why the Internet Sucks

It sucks, alright? The Internet fucking sucks. It’s mankind’s worst invention come to life in a maelstrom of hellish misunderstandings and polarizing anonymity. Let’s take a look at it. Sure, it’s practical. It runs our clocks

North Korea Definitely Has Unicorns

Think about it for a second. Every piece of footage we get of North Korea is always, like, an empty hotel. Oh, cool, VICE went to North Korea and ate at a fucking restaurant. Yeah? I can eat at a restaurant too, asshole. You