On the Elders

the shad­ows of the howl­ing abyss call


is it a total dark­ness that scares us,


the fear of some­thing indef­i­nite


Inde­scrib­able, a mass of ten­ta­cles and mouths that make man behave, or is it a pure and holy essences of light and love,


No it is evil that dri­ves man to be a bet­ter cre­ator, pos­i­tive rein­force­ment is the only help with man’s greedy ways,


it isn’t until man has been shamed and chas­tised do we feel that there is a bet­ter­ness for us, not till we are filled with utter dark­ness do we seek the light,


is it our instinct to look in the dark­ness, or is it some­thing else that we can not and will not define that dri­ve us into the explo­ration of the void that is lay­ing in front of us


but for­ev­er ever unat­tain­able in con­scious thought,


only when we end our ties with the realm we live in are we freed from them and able to explore what lays in the void.


If I were able to put my knowl­edge into words of what i have seen in the void it would crum­ble coun­tries, cause world peace and end the exis­tence of man at the blink of a star,


Too much knowl­edge is the death of man,


men who have seen the great­est truths with an open third eye.


No one man should know those things.


It makes a man god — omnipresent and all know­ing, and no human should have that pow­er and be able to exist and soci­ety,


with mod­ern think­ing he needs to be smit­ed


his les­son to teach — man, is not ready for.




Man will con­tin­ue in cycles of self-hate and self-destruc­tion,


for man is not ready to con­front what man is;


man is not ready to be more that what man is.


One day,


hope­ful­ly not in a too dis­tant future he will see his wrongs and rights and be a scale,


not to judge but to weigh his actions of his past and learn from them, and then man will become ready for the future


he will be able to see the stars and stare into space not with amaze­ment but with pride that he is part of an ever end­ing cycle, and ready at any moment to be any part of it,


not car­ing if it is the begin­ning or the end.

Senior Edi­tor, Cul­ture