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Leo Marx
Written by Leo Marx

I’m going to give the best expla­na­tion of the writ­ings that will be known as The Mind of Marx in the best sorts I can, as noth­ing in these vol­umes is writ­ten of sound and sober mind.

I have found myself writ­ing in my note­book just as I’m falling asleep, drunk or intox­i­cat­ed in oth­er ways I won’t explain for my own secu­ri­ty.


In bed, I often find myself with what seem at the time to be good ideas. Then, I will ask myself why does my cre­ativ­i­ty only strike me when my head has struck the pil­low?


I real­ly don’t know.


So I will lay there, with a pen sit­ting in my ash­tray and a jour­nal at the base of my desk­side lamp, and write down my thoughts. It’s some­what trou­bling, though: if I encour­age myself to pick up that pen, I become com­pelled to write with­out sleep­ing.


Is this how Blue feels every night?, I think to myself.
I pray for rest in that man’s soul. It’s no won­der his mind is nev­er at peace.


I write in the hope that it will calm my spir­it and my mind, but it nev­er does.


The result is The Mind of Marx.


These works will doc­u­ment my true thoughts, stripped of all inhi­bi­tions and cares.


I hope they will help oth­er peo­ple in some sort of way.

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Leo Marx

Leo Marx

Leo Marx is a co-founder and the Senior Culture Editor of Extratone.