Mind of Marx

I’m going to give the best explanation of the writings that will be known as The Mind of Marx in the best sorts I can, as nothing in these volumes is written of sound and sober mind.

I have found myself writing in my notebook just as I’m falling asleep, drunk or intoxicated in other ways I won’t explain for my own security. 

In bed, I often find myself with what seem at the time to be good ideas. Then, I will ask myself why does my creativity only strike me when my head has struck the pillow?

I really don’t know.

So I will lay there, with a pen sitting in my ashtray and a journal at the base of my deskside lamp, and write down my thoughts. It’s somewhat troubling, though: if I encourage myself to pick up that pen, I become compelled to write without sleeping.

Is this how Blue feels every night?, I think to myself. I pray for rest in that man’s soul. It’s no wonder his mind is never at peace.

I guess I write these in the hope that they will calm my spirit and my mind. This never happens, though, and the result is The Mind of Marx.

These works will document my true thoughts, stripped of all inhibitions and cares.

I hope they will help other people in some sort of way.

Leo Marx,
Senior Culture Editor

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