Red Letters

When I give in to my writing compulsions, the products are usually abstract and blasphemous.

Im David Blue, your E Eye See

Extratones Lord and Savior, and I am new to fucking blogging, but intrigued.Very little of these words are useful in any tangible sense; none of them are journalism.

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This blogrollย is the new testament in my blood, which I shed for you.

Mark Fuck

The monumental amount of unsubstantiated gossip and conjecture enabled every day by Facebook is lethal to the human intellect. Can fire be fought with fire?

In Bloom

Before we head West, we're setting our sights locally on the conflicts and triumphs of our native Columbia, Missouri.

Looking for Punk in All the Wrong Places

We found that a special brand of uncommercialized enjoyment was all MAGFest required to harden itself against our counter-culture, proving many assumptions wrong.

Santa Claus is Dead

We think we found an easy treatment for the fake news problem.

Pfaall for President

Our fake news Editor-in-Chief addresses the commotion surrounding aggregated misinformation and the meaning of the "media company" label.

Stop Settling for Mono Playback

David Blue may or may not be a qualified "audiophile," but he'd like to point out that Apple's recent iPhone sound controversy was a bit off the mark, even.

Kilgore Trout on CreateSpace

The relationship between Kurt Vonnegut, Ayn Rand and self-publishing leads to questions of the future which we should be asking ourselves, regularly.

CrossCabriolet: The Ego Divide

The recently-discontinued Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet darkly mirrors sentiments first begun with the Pontiac Aztek, narrating Generation X's decline.

IF We Never Forget

Every day, digital engineering grows closer and closer to virtually-unlimited memory capacity. How will this affect the perspective from which we reflect?


An image of a musician in the aftermath of a rigorous academic musical curriculum.

Johnny Tsunami 6: Separate, But Equal

In revisiting Disney movies from our childhoods, we stumbled upon a good number of surprisingly insightful sentiments about race and class.

Stairs, Wiggling

I saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens in-theatre and felt something, but is that really enough defense for the continued existence of the franchise?