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Garfield Meets Undertale XXX

Editor’s note: The fol­low­ing con­tent is intend­ed for mature read­ers only. For authenticity’s sake, the text has been min­i­mal­ly altered.

Chap­ter I
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arfield was just hang­ing out with the crew at a large moun­tain park (Odie and Jon and his dumb gf) and he was hav­ing a good ole’ time eat­ing Jon’s lasagna. Jon got real­ly fuck­ing pissed.
“Hey Garfield how about you stop eat­ing my lasagna you dumb fat piece of shit.” Garfield has nev­er heard Jon so rude to him so he ran away to cry in the for­est. Jon’s dumb fuck­ing gf: “dude that was basi­cal­ly real­ly fucked up why did you do that.” Jon then said “Sor­ry, I heard from Frank Yang on YouTube that not jack­ing off made you smarter and stronger and I want­ed to impress you. I guess I’m real­ly pent up.”
She start­ed unbut­ton­ing her shirt and get­ting undressed. Odies and Jon’s Eyes popped out as they saw this dumb fuck get naked in a pub­lic park. She got on top of Jon and start­ed dry hump­ing him. A few hot female jog­gers went by and saw this appalling act of exhi­bi­tion­ism and called out to Odie. “Come here pup­py pup­py pup,” they called out to him.
Odie came over and barked a bit. One of the jog­gers: “hey want to get away from these sick fucks and see how a real mas­ter treats their dog­gies” she said this while point­ing to her friend, who she was hold­ing by a leash and col­lar. Odie being the sub bitch he is had no choice but to accept his new fate as just anoth­er piece prop­er­ty of this beau­ti­ful woman.
They took odie away leav­ing Jon and his gf to shag and then prompt­ly get arrest­ed 10 min­utes lat­er with their pants down and every­thing else too. While all this hap­pened, Garfield went out into the for­est. “Fuck Jon that stu­pid moth­er­fuck­er. Every prob­lem he has in life is so easy and I give him advice all the time. But that asseat­ing numb­skull just keeps fuck­ing up. I remem­ber he acci­den­tal­ly drank some dog’s fuck­ing nut. What a fuck­ing tool.”
Garfield was so mad that he didn’t look where he was going and slipped down a hole. He takes out a cal­en­dar and checks the date. MONDAY, of fuck­ing course.
“I hate Mon­days.”
Garfield even­tu­al­ly lands in a gar­den of yel­low flow­ers. “Where am I? Is this hell? Can’t be, odie isn’t here.” A yel­low flower pops up. “Hey I’m flowey the flower and wel­come to the under­ground.”
Garfield: “how do I get out of here”.
Flowey: “Maybe you should tell me your name first.”
Garfield: “I’m Garfield the cat, can you help me?”
Flowey looks at him with a faint mem­o­ry of read­ing the Sun­day fun­nies in a human news­pa­per he once saw. A bed and a plate of lasagna appear In front of Flowey and Garfield.
Flowey: “You see Garfield, in this world it’s Eat Lasagna or Take a Nap.” Garfield looks back and forth and decides to take a nap. Garfield gets into the bed but then gets an elec­tric zap and gets real­ly hurt.
Flowey: “Garfield you stu­pid fat fuck­ing cat, why would you trust some ran­dom dude you just meet. In this world it’s KILL or be KILLED.” Flowey pulls out a gold­en desert eagle and aims it straight at Garfield’s head.

Chap­ter II

Flowey:“That’s right Garfield, I don’t just have any nor­mal desert eagle, this is a gold desert eagle. cuz I Stay low, go fast. Kill first, die last. One shot, one kill. No luck, all skill. cuz This is ten per­cent luck, twen­ty per­cent skill Fif­teen per­cent con­cen­trat­ed pow­er of will Five per­cent plea­sure, fifty per­cent pain And a hun­dred per­cent rea­son to remem­ber the name.”
As Flowey says this he starts care­ful­ly and slow­ly aim­ing at Garfield. Garfield doesn’t seem to have any chance of sur­viv­ing this encounter. Garfield: “Always thought I’d die on a Mon­day.”
Just as it seemed cer­tain that this would be the end of Garfield, he is saved by a sexy goat milf. She shoots a epic fire­ball at Flowey and he gets fuck­ing owned.
Goat: Hel­lo cat I am Toriel.
Garf “Man I tot­taly thought I was fucked back there, thanks a lot.”
Toriel: how about you come to my house where it’s safer.
Garfield: “Is there food?”
Toriel: “Oh yeah lots of food”
Toriel and Garfield start trekking towards Toriels house. They run into some puz­zles and Garfield reacts by tak­ing a nap.
Toriel: “come on orange cat, you can solve these puz­zles.”
Garfield replies “I’m try­ing to solve the puz­zle of how I’m sup­posed to sleep on this hard floor.”
Toriel: “Alright I’ll take you across the puz­zles.”
She solves all the puz­zles for that dam lazy fat orange cat. They final­ly arrive home and she pull some food out of the oven.
Garfield prays to the cat gods for this feast. Fuck­ing lasagna for din­ner, I’m in love with this Hel­la Sexy goat.
Around the time of the scene with the robots fight­ing:
Garfield: Hey toriel… You ever notice how spy kids 3D shares a lot of famil­iar plot ele­ments with the ani­me Sword Art Online.
Toriel: Wow Holy Shit your right. I bet the japs that made that ani­me were fans of Trou­ble­mak­ers Stu­dio works, includ­ing Machete.
Garfield: Yeah it’s kin­da fucked up to think about, just like the fact that cats have barbed penis­es.
Toriel: wow wtf do cats real­ly have barbed dicks? That’s is kin­da fucked up.
Garfield: Yeah wan­na see for your­self?.
Toriel: Oh yeah sure dude.
Garfield: whips out barbed cat dick See?
Toriel: Wow yeah there is a bunch of barbs on that dick… Can I feel them. Garfield: yeah sure Torie, knock your­self out.
Toriel grabs Garfield’s junk, touch­ing all the barbs.
Toriel: These barbs are soft­er than I thought, I won­der what they would feel like between my breasts. Garfield starts tit-fuck­ing Toriels huge goat boobs.
Toriel: this is pret­ty cool but I’m about to turn it loud for an epic win. Toriel then starts lick­ing and suck­ing the top of Garfield’s dick. Garfield being the fat and always hun­gry cat start­ed suck­ing on her left tit and get­ting some milk out. They keep going at it and even­tu­al­ly Toriel gets some milk of her own as Garfield blows his cat load into her mouth. It tastes like lasagna and is very musky, but she still drinks it down. The scene where “The Kid” gets fuck­ing killed and los­es all 99 of his lives is play­ing on the Tv Garfield and Toriel then fall asleep in each other’s arms (in the nude.)