The Third Brain


Juni Cortez con­tin­ues his lega­cy, plung­ing deep into obscure online com­mu­ni­ties for the trea­sures we’d oth­er­wise nev­er find.

Children of The Search

The search algorithm exploitation of our neocapitalistic dystopia is ruining the minds of an entire generation.

Garfield Meets Undertale XXX

Editor’s note: The fol­low­ing con­tent is intend­ed for mature read­ers only. For authenticity’s sake, the text has been min­i­mal­ly altered. Chap­ter I [mks_dropcap style=“circle” size=“24” bg_color=“#ddc092”

Creepypasta: Tosh.0

This is a sto­ry of a haunt­ed VHS tape that I bought at the thrift store. It had been a while since I watched Fast & Furi­ous 7 and while brows­ing the local thrift store for a home­less chair­ty I came up upon a Fast &