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The Best of The Open Web

As web design tran­si­tioned from an enthralling and promis­ing artis­tic medi­um to its cur­rent ultra-opti­mized facade atop dodgy, rapid­ly aging prac­tices and pro­to­cols, it lost its appeal to those seek­ing a con­text in which to inno­vate, but we don’t think it should be giv­en up on just yet. As glob­al users’ aver­age inter­net speeds have increased expo­nen­tial­ly along with the screen res­o­lu­tions of the devices which they use to con­sume con­tent, dig­i­tal media’s obses­sion with web page load times and “read­i­bil­i­ty” has become less and less sen­si­ble. The cur­rent offer­ing of desk­top-class and mobile browsers are capa­ble of much more than just deliv­er­ing more ads (or block­ing them.) While accel­er­at­ed tech­nolo­gies like Google Amp and Face­book Instant Arti­cles are tech­ni­cal­ly inno­v­a­tive in their own right, the nature of “The Open Web” is such that it will always allow room for unlim­it­ed, diverse uses.
Unfor­tu­nate­ly, the exist­ing lists you’ll find when search­ing for “best web design” or “inno­v­a­tive web projects” are pop­u­lat­ed most­ly with the “sleek,” airy min­i­mal­ism that feels uni­ver­sal­ly overused and… real­ly bor­ing after all this time. So, we’ve cre­at­ed a page ded­i­cat­ed to list­ing our favorite exam­ples of true web inno­va­tion. With­in it, you’ll find visu­al­ly-com­pelling pub­li­ca­tions like The Pud­ding, one-off engi­neer­ing exer­cis­es like Radio Gar­den, and the occa­sion­al show off design house. We’ll keep it updat­ed as we dis­cov­er more, and encour­age you to sub­mit your own — send us an email. (