We have pre­pared this pri­va­cy pol­i­cy (“Pri­va­cy Pol­i­cy”) to explain to you how we col­lect, use, and share infor­ma­tion we obtain through your use of the Inter­net sites, appli­ca­tions and online ser­vices (“Ser­vices”) that are oper­at­ed by, con­trolled by or affil­i­at­ed with Extra­tone, includ­ing with­out lim­i­ta­tion Beyond the Rails, Honk, Drynet, Dry­wall Media, Inmu­nis, The Colonel’s Jour­nal, Horn, and/or Data (col­lec­tive­ly, “we,” “us” or “our”) and posts a link to this Pri­va­cy Pol­i­cy. This Pri­va­cy Pol­i­cy only cov­ers infor­ma­tion col­lect­ed through the Ser­vices and does not cov­er any infor­ma­tion col­lect­ed at any oth­er web­site, appli­ca­tion or offline by us (unless specif­i­cal­ly stat­ed), includ­ing when you call us, write to us, or com­mu­ni­cate with us in any man­ner oth­er than through the Ser­vices. By using the Ser­vices, you explic­it­ly con­sent to such use of your infor­ma­tion and agree to the terms of this Pri­va­cy Pol­i­cy.

Infor­ma­tion We Auto­mat­i­cal­ly Col­lect

We and our third-par­ty ser­vice providers (includ­ing any third-par­ty con­tent, adver­tis­ing, and ana­lyt­ics providers) may auto­mat­i­cal­ly col­lect cer­tain infor­ma­tion from your device or web brows­er when you inter­act with the Ser­vices to help us under­stand how our users use the Ser­vices and to tar­get adver­tis­ing to you (which we will refer to in this Pri­va­cy Pol­i­cy col­lec­tive­ly as “Usage Data”). For exam­ple, each time you vis­it the Ser­vices we and our third-par­ty ser­vice providers may auto­mat­i­cal­ly col­lect your IP address, mobile device iden­ti­fi­er or oth­er unique iden­ti­fi­er, brows­er and com­put­er type, access time, the Web page you came from, the URL you go to next, the Web page(s) that you access dur­ing your vis­it and your inter­ac­tion with con­tent or adver­tis­ing on the Ser­vices.
We and our third-par­ty ser­vice providers may use such Usage Data for a vari­ety of pur­pos­es includ­ing to diag­nose prob­lems with our servers and soft­ware, to admin­is­ter the Ser­vices, to gath­er demo­graph­ic infor­ma­tion and to tar­get adver­tis­ing to you on the Ser­vices and else­where online. Accord­ing­ly, our third-par­ty adver­tis­ing net­works and ad servers will also pro­vide us with infor­ma­tion, includ­ing reports that will tell us how many ads were pre­sent­ed and clicked on the Ser­vices in a man­ner that does not iden­ti­fy per­son­al­ly any spe­cif­ic indi­vid­ual. The Usage Data we col­lect is gen­er­al­ly non-iden­ti­fy­ing, but if we asso­ciate it with you as a spe­cif­ic and iden­ti­fi­able per­son, we will treat it as Per­son­al Infor­ma­tion.

Cookies/Tracking Technologies

We, and our ven­dors, ana­lyt­ics providers, and adver­tis­ing ser­vice providers may use track­ing tech­nolo­gies, such as cook­ies, local stor­age, and pix­el tags.

Cookies and Local Storage

Cook­ies and local stor­age may be set and accessed on your com­put­er. Upon your first vis­it to the Ser­vices, a cook­ie or local stor­age may be sent to your com­put­er that unique­ly iden­ti­fies your brows­er. “Cook­ies” and local stor­age are small files con­tain­ing a string of char­ac­ters that is sent to your computer’s brows­er and stored on your device when you vis­it a web­site. Many major Web ser­vices use cook­ies to pro­vide use­ful fea­tures for their users. Each Web site can send its own cook­ie to your brows­er. Most browsers are ini­tial­ly set up to accept cook­ies. You can reset your brows­er to refuse all cook­ies or to indi­cate when a cook­ie is being sent; how­ev­er if you reject cook­ies, you will not be able to sign in to the Ser­vices or take full advan­tage of our Ser­vices. Addi­tion­al­ly, if you clear all cook­ies on your brows­er at any point after set­ting your brows­er to refuse all cook­ies or indi­cate when a cook­ie is being sent, you will have to again reset your brows­er to refuse all cook­ies or indi­cate when a cook­ie is being sent.
Cook­ies are used for a vari­ety of pur­pos­es includ­ing the fol­low­ing: (a) to track your pref­er­ences, such as the address or local zip code you enter; (b) to access your infor­ma­tion when you sign in so we can pro­vide you with your per­son­al­ized con­tent; © to dis­play the most appro­pri­ate adver­tise­ments, based on your inter­ests and activ­i­ty on our Ser­vices; and (d) to help us improve the Ser­vices by ana­lyz­ing and esti­mat­ing our traf­fic and use of fea­tures on the Ser­vices. You can find more infor­ma­tion about cook­ies and how they work at all about cook­ies dot org.
A Flash cook­ie is a data file placed on a device via the Adobe Flash plug-in that may be built into or down­loaded by you onto your device. Flash cook­ies may be used for var­i­ous pur­pos­es, includ­ing, with­out lim­i­ta­tion, enabling a Flash fea­ture and remem­ber­ing your pref­er­ences. For more infor­ma­tion about Flash and the pri­va­cy choic­es Adobe offers, vis­it its sup­port doc­u­men­ta­tion. (
If you choose to adjust your Flash pri­va­cy set­tings on your device some fea­tures of the Ser­vices may not func­tion prop­er­ly.

Pixel Tags

We may also use “pix­el tags,” which are small graph­ic files that allow us and third par­ties to mon­i­tor the use of the Ser­vices and col­lect Usage Data. A pix­el tag can col­lect infor­ma­tion such as the IP address of the com­put­er that down­loaded the page on which the tag appears; the URL of the page on which the pix­el tag appears; the time (and length of time) the page con­tain­ing the pix­el tag was viewed; the type of brows­er that retrieved the pix­el tag; and the iden­ti­fi­ca­tion num­ber of any cook­ie pre­vi­ous­ly placed by that serv­er on your com­put­er.
We may use pix­el tags, either pro­vid­ed by us or by our third par­ty adver­tis­ers, ser­vice providers and ad net­works, to col­lect infor­ma­tion about your vis­it, includ­ing the pages you view, the links you click and oth­er actions tak­en in con­nec­tion with our sites and Ser­vices and use them in com­bi­na­tion with our cook­ies to pro­vide offers and infor­ma­tion of inter­est to you. Pix­el tags may also enable ad net­works to serve tar­get­ed adver­tise­ments to you when you vis­it the Ser­vices or oth­er web­sites.
In addi­tion, we may use a vari­ety of oth­er tech­nolo­gies that col­lect sim­i­lar infor­ma­tion for secu­ri­ty and fraud detec­tion pur­pos­es.

Information You Choose to Submit

You can vis­it the Ser­vices with­out telling us who you are or reveal­ing any infor­ma­tion by which some­one could iden­ti­fy you as a spe­cif­ic, iden­ti­fi­able indi­vid­ual (which we will refer to in this Pri­va­cy Pol­i­cy col­lec­tive­ly as “Per­son­al Infor­ma­tion”). If, how­ev­er, you wish to reg­is­ter to become a mem­ber of the Ser­vices, you are required to pro­vide cer­tain Per­son­al Infor­ma­tion (e.g., your name and e-mail address), and you must also pro­vide a user name and pass­word. We use your Per­son­al Infor­ma­tion to ful­fill your requests for prod­ucts and ser­vices, to improve our Ser­vices, to con­tact you from time to time about us and our prod­ucts and ser­vices, and as oth­er­wise described in this Pri­va­cy Pol­i­cy. You may also choose to sub­mit or we may col­lect addi­tion­al infor­ma­tion about your­self, such as demo­graph­ic infor­ma­tion (for exam­ple your gen­der, birth date, or zip code) and infor­ma­tion about your pref­er­ences and inter­ests. We refer col­lec­tive­ly to all infor­ma­tion we col­lect that is not Per­son­al Infor­ma­tion, includ­ing Usage Data, demo­graph­ic data and de-iden­ti­­fied Per­son­al Infor­ma­tion, as “Non-Per­­son­al Infor­ma­tion”. If we com­bine Non-Per­­son­al Infor­ma­tion with Per­son­al Infor­ma­tion we will treat the com­bined infor­ma­tion as Per­son­al Infor­ma­tion under this Pri­va­cy Pol­i­cy. You also may choose to sub­mit your alias, bio, email, pho­tos or any oth­er infor­ma­tion that you would like to share with oth­er users of the Ser­vices (which we will refer to in this Pri­va­cy Pol­i­cy col­lec­tive­ly as “User Sub­mis­sions”). Per­son­al Infor­ma­tion, Non-Per­­son­al Infor­ma­tion, and User Sub­mis­sions are referred to in this Pri­va­cy Pol­i­cy col­lec­tive­ly as “User Infor­ma­tion”.

Information We Receive From Other Sources

We may sup­ple­ment the infor­ma­tion we col­lect with out­side records in order to learn more about our users, to bet­ter tai­lor the con­tent and offers we show you, and for oth­er pur­pos­es. We may receive this infor­ma­tion about you from third par­ties, includ­ing with­out lim­i­ta­tion con­sumer data resellers and adver­tis­ers. We may com­bine the infor­ma­tion we receive from those oth­er sources with infor­ma­tion we col­lect through the Ser­vices. In those cas­es, we will apply this Pri­va­cy Pol­i­cy to the com­bined infor­ma­tion.

Information Use

We may use the infor­ma­tion we col­lect, includ­ing Per­son­al Infor­ma­tion and Usage Data:
- to enable you to use our Ser­vices, to cre­ate an account or pro­file, to process infor­ma­tion you pro­vide via our Ser­vices (includ­ing ver­i­fy­ing that your email address is active and valid) and to process your trans­ac­tions;
- to pro­vide relat­ed cus­tomer ser­vice and care, includ­ing respond­ing to your ques­tions, com­plaints, or com­ments and send­ing sur­veys and pro­cess­ing sur­vey respons­es;
- to pro­vide you with infor­ma­tion, prod­ucts, or ser­vices that you have request­ed or that we oth­er­wise believe will inter­est you, includ­ing spe­cial oppor­tu­ni­ties from us and our third-par­­ty part­ners;
- to tai­lor con­tent, rec­om­men­da­tions, and adver­tise­ments we and third par­ties dis­play to you, both on the Ser­vices and else­where online;
- for inter­nal busi­ness pur­pos­es, such as to improve our Ser­vices;
- to admin­is­ter and process con­tests, sweep­stakes, and pro­mo­tions;
- to con­tact you with admin­is­tra­tive com­mu­ni­ca­tions and, in our dis­cre­tion, changes to our Pri­va­cy Pol­i­cy, Terms of Use, or any of our oth­er poli­cies;
- to com­ply with reg­u­la­to­ry and legal oblig­a­tions; and
- for pur­pos­es as dis­closed at the time you pro­vide your infor­ma­tion, with your con­sent, and as fur­ther described in this Pri­va­cy Pol­i­cy.

Social Network and Platform Integration

The Sites may con­tain inte­gra­tion with social net­works and oth­er plat­forms in which infor­ma­tion is shared between us and such plat­forms. For exam­ple, if you cre­ate or log into your account through a third par­ty social media site, we will have access to cer­tain infor­ma­tion from that site, such as your name, email address, account infor­ma­tion, pho­to and friends lists, and oth­er infor­ma­tion in accor­dance with the autho­riza­tion pro­ce­dures deter­mined by such social media site. If you vis­it our Ser­vices on a device through which you also inter­act with social net­works or if you inter­act with us through a social media func­tion such as a plug-in (for exam­ple, a Face­book “like” but­ton) then you may be per­mit­ting us to have on-going access to some infor­ma­tion from your social net­work pro­file (such as your name, email address, your friend list, pho­to, age, gen­der, loca­tion, birth­day, social net­work­ing ID, cur­rent city, and the people/sites you fol­low). If you don’t want a social net­work to col­lect the infor­ma­tion about you as described above, or you don’t want a social net­work to share it with us, please review the pri­va­cy pol­i­cy, pri­va­cy set­tings and instruc­tions of the applic­a­ble social net­work before you vis­it and use our Ser­vices.

Information Sharing Practices

(a) Gen­er­al­ly. We may share Non-Per­­son­al Infor­ma­tion, includ­ing Usage Data, de-iden­ti­­fied Per­son­al Infor­ma­tion and aggre­gat­ed user sta­tis­tics, with third par­ties in our dis­cre­tion. We may share User Infor­ma­tion, includ­ing Per­son­al Infor­ma­tion, as oth­er­wise described in this Pol­i­cy, and under the fol­low­ing cir­cum­stances:
(i) Ser­vice Providers. From time to time, we may enter into rela­tion­ships with third par­ties who pro­vide ser­vices to us (e.g., ana­lyt­ics com­pa­nies, adver­tis­ers and ad agen­cies, data man­age­ment and stor­age ser­vices or cred­it card pro­cess­ing ser­vices, sweep­stakes or con­test prize ful­fill­ment). In those cir­cum­stances, we dis­close User Infor­ma­tion so that such ser­vice providers may per­form those ser­vices.
(ii) Third Par­ty Mar­ket­ing. You will have a choice (opt-in or opt-out) before we share your infor­ma­tion with third par­ties for mar­ket­ing pur­pos­es. Pro­vid­ed that you have cho­sen to receive mar­ket­ing mes­sages from third par­ties, we may share your infor­ma­tion (includ­ing Per­son­al Infor­ma­tion) with third par­ties for those third par­ties’ own direct mar­ket­ing pur­pos­es. Please note, mes­sages deliv­ered from a third par­ty will sub­ject you to the third party’s pri­va­cy pol­i­cy. We may also match your email address with third par­ties with whom you have also con­sent­ed to share your email address and use such match to deliv­er cus­tom offers or emails to you on the Ser­vices and off the Ser­vices.
(iii) In the event we go through a busi­ness tran­si­tion (such as a merg­er, acqui­si­tion by anoth­er com­pa­ny, bank­rupt­cy, or sale of all or a por­tion of our assets, includ­ing, with­out lim­i­ta­tion, dur­ing the course of any due dili­gence process), your Per­son­al Infor­ma­tion will like­ly be among the assets trans­ferred. By pro­vid­ing your Per­son­al Infor­ma­tion, you agree that we may trans­fer such infor­ma­tion in those cir­cum­stances with­out your fur­ther con­sent.
(iv) Oth­er Dis­clo­sure Sce­nar­ios. We reserve the right, and you here­by express­ly autho­rize us, to share User Infor­ma­tion: (1) in response to sub­poe­nas, court orders, or legal process, or to estab­lish, pro­tect, or exer­cise our legal rights or defend against legal claims; (2) if we believe it is nec­es­sary in order to inves­ti­gate, pre­vent, or take action regard­ing ille­gal activ­i­ties, fraud, or sit­u­a­tions involv­ing poten­tial threats to the safe­ty of any per­son or prop­er­ty; (3) if we believe it is nec­es­sary to inves­ti­gate, pre­vent, or take action regard­ing sig­nif­i­cant abuse of the Ser­vices infra­struc­ture or the Inter­net in gen­er­al (such as volu­mi­nous spam­ming, denial of ser­vice attacks, or attempts to com­pro­mise the secu­ri­ty of infor­ma­tion); (4) to pro­tect and defend our legal rights or prop­er­ty, our ser­vices or their users, or any oth­er par­ty, and to pro­tect the health and safe­ty of our users or the gen­er­al pub­lic; and (5) to our par­ent com­pa­ny, sub­sidiaries, joint ven­tures, or oth­er com­pa­nies under com­mon con­trol with us (in which case we will require such enti­ties to hon­or this Pri­va­cy Pol­i­cy).

Public Information

If you iden­ti­fy any User Infor­ma­tion as pub­lic, you are autho­riz­ing us to share such infor­ma­tion pub­licly. For exam­ple, you may elect to make cer­tain of your User Sub­mis­sions (such as your alias, bio, email or pho­tos) pub­licly avail­able. Also, there may be areas of the Ser­vices (e.g., mes­sage boards, dis­cus­sion rooms, and oth­er online forums) in which you are able to post infor­ma­tion that auto­mat­i­cal­ly will be avail­able to all oth­er users of the Ser­vices. By choos­ing to use these areas, you under­stand and agree that any­one may access, use, and dis­close any infor­ma­tion that you post to those areas.

Users Resid­ing Out­side of the Unit­ed States and Con­sent to Trans­fer

The Ser­vices are oper­at­ed in the Unit­ed States. If you are locat­ed in anoth­er juris­dic­tion, please be aware that infor­ma­tion you pro­vide to us will be trans­ferred to and processed in the Unit­ed States. By using the Sites or pro­vid­ing us with any infor­ma­tion, you con­sent to this trans­fer, pro­cess­ing, and stor­age of your infor­ma­tion in the Unit­ed States, a juris­dic­tion in which the pri­va­cy laws may not be as com­pre­hen­sive as those in the coun­try where you reside or are a cit­i­zen.

Impor­tant Infor­ma­tion for Cal­i­for­nia Res­i­dents-Your Cal­i­for­nia Pri­va­cy Rights

As stat­ed else­where in this pri­va­cy pol­i­cy, Extra­tone does not share per­son­al infor­ma­tion with third par­ties for their direct mar­ket­ing pur­pos­es, as defined by Cal­i­for­nia Civ­il Code Sec­tion 1798.83, unless we give you choice (opt-in or opt-out) before shar­ing with those third par­ties.
If you are a Cal­i­for­nia res­i­dent and you have ques­tions about our prac­tices with respect to shar­ing infor­ma­tion with third par­ties for their direct mar­ket­ing pur­pos­es and your abil­i­ty to exer­cise choice, please con­tact us at Extra­tone, c/o Gen­er­al Coun­sel, P.O. Box 1343 Beaver­ton, OR 97075. You must put the state­ment “Your Cal­i­for­nia Pri­va­cy Rights” in the body of your request, as well as your name, street address, city, state, and zip code. In the body of your request, please pro­vide enough infor­ma­tion for us to deter­mine if this applies to you. Please note that we will not accept inquiries via the tele­phone, email, or by fac­sim­i­le, and we are not respon­si­ble for notices that are not labeled or sent prop­er­ly, or that do not have com­plete infor­ma­tion.

How We Respond to “Do Not Track” Sig­nals

Some Inter­net browsers may be con­fig­ured to send “Do Not Track” sig­nals to the online ser­vices that you vis­it. Cal­i­for­nia Busi­ness & Pro­fes­sions Code Sec­tion 22575(b) (as amend­ed effec­tive Jan­u­ary 1, 2014) pro­vides that Cal­i­for­nia res­i­dents are enti­tled to know how Extra­tone responds to “Do Not Track” brows­er set­tings.
There cur­rent­ly is no con­sen­sus among indus­try par­tic­i­pants as to what “Do Not Track” means in this con­text. There­fore, like many web­sites and online ser­vices, the Ser­vices do not alter their prac­tices when they receive a “Do Not Track” sig­nal from a visitor’s brows­er. To find out more about “Do Not Track,” please vis­it allaboutd­nt dot com.


(a) Gen­er­al­ly. We may use oth­er com­pa­nies under agree­ments with us to serve third-par­­ty adver­tise­ments when you vis­it and use the Ser­vices. These com­pa­nies may col­lect and use click stream infor­ma­tion, brows­er type, time and date, sub­ject of adver­tise­ments clicked or scrolled over dur­ing your vis­its to the Ser­vices and oth­er Web sites in order to pro­vide adver­tise­ments about goods and ser­vices like­ly to be of greater inter­est to you. These com­pa­nies typ­i­cal­ly use track­ing tech­nolo­gies to col­lect this infor­ma­tion. Oth­er com­pa­nies’ use of their track­ing tech­nolo­gies is sub­ject to their own pri­va­cy poli­cies, not this one.
(b) Tar­get­ed Adver­tis­ing. In order to serve offers and adver­tise­ments that may be of inter­est to our users, we may dis­play tar­get­ed adver­tise­ments on the Ser­vices, or oth­er dig­i­tal prop­er­ties or appli­ca­tions in con­junc­tion with our con­tent, based on infor­ma­tion pro­vid­ed to us by our users and infor­ma­tion pro­vid­ed to us by third par­ties that they have inde­pen­dent­ly col­lect­ed. We do not pro­vide Per­son­al Infor­ma­tion to our adver­tis­ers when you inter­act with an adver­tise­ment.
© Your Ad Choic­es. Some of the third par­ty ser­vices providers and/or Adver­tis­ers may be mem­bers of the Net­work Adver­tis­ing Ini­tia­tive (“NAI”) or the Dig­i­tal Adver­tis­ing Alliance (“DAA”) Self-Reg­u­la­­to­ry Pro­gram for Online Behav­ioral Adver­tis­ing. You may want to vis­it this NAI guide, which pro­vides infor­ma­tion regard­ing tar­get­ed adver­tis­ing and the “opt-out” pro­ce­dures of NAI mem­bers. You can opt-out of our use of your Web site view­ing behav­ior data to serve you inter­est-based adver­tis­ing on third-par­­ty sites and email newslet­ters here.
If you are access­ing the Ser­vices through an appli­ca­tion (i.e., mobile phone or tablet) you can down­load the App­Choic­es appli­ca­tion from your device’s appli­ca­tion store (i.e., Google Play, Apple App Store, and Ama­zon Store). This DAA appli­ca­tion allows par­tic­i­pat­ing com­pa­nies to offer an opt-out of cus­tomized adver­tise­ments that are based on pre­dic­tions about your inter­ests gen­er­at­ed from your appli­ca­tion usage. For more infor­ma­tion, vis­it about ads dot info slash app­choic­es.
Please note opt­ing out through these mech­a­nisms does not opt you out of being served adver­tis­ing. You will con­tin­ue to receive gener­ic ads while online or on your device.
(d) Mobile. We may from time to time offer cer­tain loca­tion or pin­point based ser­vices, such as loca­tion assist­ed nav­i­ga­tion instruc­tion. If you elect to use such loca­­tion-based ser­vices, we must peri­od­i­cal­ly receive your loca­tion in order to pro­vide such loca­­tion-based ser­vices to you. By using the loca­­tion-based ser­vices, you autho­rize us to: (i) locate your hard­ware; (ii) record, com­pile and dis­play your loca­tion; and (iii) pub­lish your loca­tion to third par­ties des­ig­nat­ed by you by means of loca­tion pub­li­ca­tion con­trols avail­able with­in the appli­ca­tions (e.g., set­tings, user pref­er­ences). As part of the loca­­tion-based ser­vices, we may also col­lect and store cer­tain infor­ma­tion about the users who elect to use such loca­­tion-based ser­vices, such as a device id. This infor­ma­tion will be used to pro­vide you the loca­­tion-based ser­vices. We may use third-par­­ty providers to help pro­vide loca­­tion-based ser­vices through mobile sys­tems and we may pro­vide the infor­ma­tion to such providers to enable them to pro­vide their loca­­tion-based ser­vices, pro­vid­ed that such providers may use the infor­ma­tion in accor­dance with our Pri­va­cy Pol­i­cy.

Choice/Opt-Out From Com­mu­ni­ca­tions

We offer you the oppor­tu­ni­ty to man­age your com­mu­ni­ca­tions from us. Even after sub­scrib­ing to one or more newslet­ters and/or opt­ing in to one or more offers to receive mar­ket­ing and/or pro­mo­tion­al com­mu­ni­ca­tions from us or our third par­ty part­ners, users may elect to mod­i­fy their pref­er­ences by going to the Options page any­time (man­u­al­ly nav­i­gate via[YOUR USERNAME]/settings/) or by fol­low­ing the “Com­mu­ni­ca­tions Pref­er­ences” and/or “Unsub­scribe” link pro­vid­ed in an email or com­mu­ni­ca­tion received. You may also be able to change your pref­er­ences by updat­ing your pro­file or account, depend­ing on which of our Ser­vices you are using. Please be aware that if you wish to remove your­self from a newslet­ter and/or oth­er mar­ket­ing emails from third par­ties that you con­sent­ed to through the Ser­vices, you must do so by con­tact­ing the rel­e­vant third-par­­ty. Even if you do opt-out of mar­ket­ing emails, we reserve the right to send you trans­ac­tion­al and admin­is­tra­tive emails includ­ing those relat­ed to the Ser­vices, ser­vice announce­ments, notices of changes to this Pri­va­cy Pol­i­cy or oth­er Ser­vices poli­cies, and to con­tact you regard­ing any goods or ser­vices you have ordered.

Modifying and Deleting Your Personal Information

If you would like to mod­i­fy or delete from our data­base any Per­son­al Infor­ma­tion you pre­vi­ous­ly sub­mit­ted to us, please let us know by access­ing and updat­ing your pro­file. Please note that any Per­son­al Infor­ma­tion that we have copied may remain in back-up stor­age for some peri­od of time after your request, and that if you delete cer­tain infor­ma­tion you may not be able to order ser­vices in the future with­out re-sub­­mit­t­ing such infor­ma­tion. Also, please note that we will main­tain Per­son­al Infor­ma­tion in our data­base when­ev­er we are required to do so by law.


We have imple­ment­ed com­mer­cial­ly rea­son­able secu­ri­ty mea­sures to help pro­tect your Per­son­al Infor­ma­tion from loss, mis­use, or unau­tho­rized access or dis­clo­sure; unfor­tu­nate­ly, how­ev­er, no data trans­mis­sion over the Inter­net can be guar­an­teed to be 100% secure. As a result, while we strive to pro­tect your User Infor­ma­tion, we can­not guar­an­tee its secu­ri­ty. You use the Sites and pro­vide us with infor­ma­tion at your own ini­tia­tive and risk.


The Ser­vices may con­tain links to oth­er web­sites that we do not con­trol, and the Ser­vices may con­tain videos, adver­tis­ing and oth­er con­tent host­ed and served by third par­ties. We are not respon­si­ble for the pri­va­cy prac­tices of any third-par­­ty.

Children’s Privacy

The Ser­vices are intend­ed for a gen­er­al audi­ence and are not intend­ed for and may not be used by chil­dren under the age of 13. We do not know­ing­ly col­lect infor­ma­tion from chil­dren under the age of 13 and we do not tar­get the Ser­vices to chil­dren under the age of 13.


We may update this Pri­va­cy Pol­i­cy from time to time in our dis­cre­tion and will noti­fy you of any mate­r­i­al changes to the way in which we treat Per­son­al Infor­ma­tion, by post­ing a notice on rel­e­vant areas of the Ser­vices. We may also pro­vide notice to you in oth­er ways in our dis­cre­tion, such as through con­tact infor­ma­tion you have pro­vid­ed. Any updat­ed ver­sion of this Pri­va­cy Pol­i­cy will be effec­tive imme­di­ate­ly upon the post­ing of the revised Pri­va­cy Pol­i­cy unless oth­er­wise spec­i­fied. Your con­tin­ued use of the Ser­vices after the effec­tive date of the revised Pri­va­cy Pol­i­cy (or such oth­er act spec­i­fied at that time) will con­sti­tute your con­sent to those changes. How­ev­er, we will not, with­out your con­sent, use your Per­son­al Infor­ma­tion in a man­ner mate­ri­al­ly dif­fer­ent than what was stat­ed at the time your Per­son­al Infor­ma­tion was col­lect­ed.

Contact Us

If you have any ques­tions about this Pri­va­cy Pol­i­cy, please feel free to con­tact us by email at