Freq Check

freqcheckThe State of the Extranet, deliv­ered month­ly by the Edi­tor-in-Chief.


The Extranet is now faster than ever and it's only getting better. Extratone Radio has resumed broadcasting across more listening platforms.

Year Two in Review

Extratone's second year saw growth and a close call. In the third to come, we'll be once again exploring new ways of better expanding the community.

Eyes On Those Ads!

2017 didn't end so well for Extratone, but we're steadily preparing to recapture and augment our momentum for this year with a much faster platform, resurrected newsletter, and more exclusive subscriber benefits.

Snail Mail

Our new postal box and how you can fill it, along with a review of the Spooky Month's activities and our plans for the future of Extratone Portland.

On the Future of Beauty

This subera of ungainly, uneducated design wrapping wretchedly redundant arguments in publishing WILL be brought to an end, with or without your assistance.


Visually, we now occupy an entirely different ecosystem, with a vastly bolstered media beat, more bespoke landing pages, and custom bylines.


After eleven months of construction, our platform has definitively blossomed into a marvelous digital dreamboat, ready and able to make use of your investment.

In Bloom

Before we head West, we're setting our sights locally on the conflicts and triumphs of our native Columbia, Missouri.

Spit & Shine

Our busiest, most exciting month yet led to promotions, revisions big & small, the introduction of subscriptions via Patreon, and a vastly more-precise forward direction.

The Nieman Demon

For ourselves and our industry, 2017 is already promising to be a groundbreaking year. After some grogginess, 'The Tone' readies to tackle the whole thing.

Assuage the Dumb Pipe

My last letter of 2016 discusses MAGFest, email, and the future of our counterculture.

Google Crucible

Six. Wel­come to our fake news web­site. [mks_dropcap style=“circle” size=“99” bg_color=”#e0ebff” txt_color=“#331d15”]Y[/mks_dropcap]es, I think it best to just get it out of the way. Regard­less of poli­tik, the pub­lic is

Big Data

Five. I’ve just down­loaded a full back­up of the Extranet for the for the first time. Com­pressed, it’s over 50GB. Grant­ed, most of the bulk is in video and audio files. Accord­ing to this report, we exchanged over 1TB of

Slush Fund

Are we adapt­ing to the medi­um? Am I? Guess so. Watch the pol­ish drop. Even if a lone­ly, unelec­tri­fied type­writer or full foun­tain pen are the means to purest form, is it of any means to be pure, any­way? If these are

Welcome to Two Point Oh

[mks_dropcap style=“circle” size=“52” bg_color=”#ddd3ff” txt_color=”#00777a”]L[/mks_dropcap]ast Sat­ur­day marked a full two months of Extra­tone, and it’s about time our child be bap­tized. A dig­i­tal bap­tism, mind you. If

Lithe Data Cowboys

I think we can all acknowl­edge that data & ana­lyt­ics are per­ma­nent facts of life for the remain­der of all of ours. Twit­ter polls are pret­ty, but they’re hard to man­age, and their data isn’t local. The major­i­ty of