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It’s Survey Season

Have you noticed that all dig­i­tal pub­lish­ers have sud­den­ly and unan­i­mous­ly begun adding asks in their pod­casts to take exten­sive sur­veys on Sur­vey­Mon­key with­in the past two weeks?


Well, we’re shame­less­ly jump­ing on the band­wag­on. If you’ve got the incli­na­tion and the time, we’d real­ly appre­ci­ate you tak­ing our Audi­ence Expe­ri­ence Sur­vey.


It’s only 10 ques­tions, and we’d love to know how you feel about them.


If now’s not a good time, just remem­ber for a more ide­al future minute that will always redi­rect you there.


Thank you so much!

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