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When Extra­tone’s social accounts were being method­i­cal­ly cre­at­ed, two years ago, the issue of whether or not we need­ed a pres­ence on “The Front Page of The Inter­net” was passed around, but I end­ed up shut­ting it down out of dis­taste for the prospect of hav­ing to look at it for min­utes at a time. (Also, I seem to remem­ber Alex steal­ing all of the account names I was con­sid­er­ing.) Though my per­son­al dis­taste and bewil­der­ment with its pur­pose shouldn’t have pre­vent­ed us from engag­ing with a new com­mu­ni­ty, it most cer­tain­ly did. Jokes aside, Reddit’s user­base was repeat­ed­ly described to me for years as “sec­ond only to 4chan” in filth.
More recent­ly, though, it’s made huge progress in clean­ing up both its user cul­ture and web design, so we’ve cre­at­ed r/trato,
and I’ll be damned… it’s actu­al­ly pleas­ant to use! I’m anx­ious to see what we’ll be able to cre­ate with­in it. (The word “tra­to” is all that would remain read­able of “Extra­tone” on our first brand­ed t-shirt if it was worn beneath a jack­et.)
I’d wel­come an invest­ed Red­dit native’s help with mod­er­a­tion, and I would both invite and ask you to get your ass­es Logged In and Post­ing! If you don’t feel like shar­ing any­thing in par­tic­u­lar, I’d love it if you’d reply to my wel­come post.