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Portland or Bust

Extra­tone is head­ed West.
Despite our pet­ty qualms with Portland’s pop­u­la­tion, Hawthorn and I will be pack­ing the entire­ty of Extratone’s assets into my old Jaguar tonight, and depart­ing West from Colum­bia this after­noon. It’s sud­den, yes, but was pre­empt­ed in March’s Editor’s Let­ter, and will be elab­o­rat­ed in this month’s (which is late again.)
In that let­ter, I promised a revis­i­ta­tion of my Mid­west­ern ori­gins before we left. Spring/Summer 2017 even­tu­al­ly came to be known as Yokel Edi­tion, but we don’t have near­ly as much to show for it as I would’ve liked. There was our Future­land episode on Columbia’s True/False Film Fes­ti­val, The Movie Clos­et’s episode on Mis­souri-made films, and Eryn and I’s failed go at launch­ing a pod­cast about our local adven­tures.
There’s a part of me that’d like to insist upon the like­li­hood of our com­ing back to it, one day, but the chances are slim. I hope you’ll come to see the change as a good thing, though. The via­bil­i­ty of our local cov­er­age in Colum­bia has always been doubt­ful and unwant­ed, but we hope the North­west will prove to be as Fresh as we’d like it to be.
Regard­less, the pos­si­bil­i­ties are excit­ing. More details to come.