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Remem­ber that adorable radio app we land­ed on in March?

As a visu­al­ly-super­fi­cial but sound-heavy dork, I was the only one of the bunch with much enthu­si­asm about it, and so adopt­ed it as my pet Just Fuckin Around project. It’s remained cen­tral to the land­ing page — the embed looks good, and tone flip­pin’ real­ly does beg for an option­al sound­track.

I’ve had a fun few weeks find­ing weird uni­code char­ac­ters and record­ing ille­gal adver­tise­ments for defunct com­pa­nies, but now — thanks to the pre­cious angels that make up Anchor’s devel­op­ment staff — Extra­tone’s sta­tion will be fea­tured in the app’s Music sec­tion. 

As such, we’ll be smooth­ing out our deliv­ery cadence and devot­ing more resources to pre­sent­ing you with more on-beat sounds from with­in the future funk/footwork/coven rap com­mu­ni­ties and beyond.

Please take this thing away from me
nobody wants to hear any more jazz or Detroit tech­no, and I am tech­ni­cal­ly banned from the music beat, any­way.

You can sub­mit tracks & groove-relat­ed dis­cus­sion
via our Discord’s sound­stock chan­nel.

I high­ly encour­age you to do so. Chances are, you’ve got some­thing we’ve nev­er heard, lying around.

We’ll be feel­ing out our role in the next few weeks, but dead air will no longer be a thing.

In sum­ma­ry: get the god­damned app.

It’s a gen­uine­ly pleas­ant-to-use addi­tion to your pock­et clut­ter hell, and inno­v­a­tive in all the ways that excite us about the future of radio.

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David Blue

David Blue

David Blue began producing films about cars in high school and wrote a weekly column for Speedmonkey through community college. He hosted a music, technology, and automotive podcast throughout 2015 called Drycast, before going on to launch Extratone in the Spring of 2016 as an independent online magazine in the interest of consolidating and unifying the vast amount of original voices he’d discovered within his network of artists, musicians, culture writers, and graphic designers, and continues to pursue new culture and new perspectives.