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Tune in on Anchor

We adore radio, whol­ly, and an Extra­tone inter­net radio sta­tion has been on our list for a good while.

We’re also excit­ed by the new, so the re-intro­duc­tion of Anchor — an iOS & android app self-declared as “radio, rein­vent­ed” — has us very excit­ed.

The ser­vice allows us to select or upload audio clips up to 5 min­utes in length and includes some rudi­men­ta­ry pre­set tran­si­tions and inter­ludes to enrich our lis­ten­er expe­ri­ence. It also fea­tures “call-ins” which you can record and send to us using your handset’s built-in micro­phone.

We’ll begin by most­ly play­ing music from the community’s col­lec­tion, adding snip­pets of past pod­casts & bespoke spo­ken word seg­ments as time goes on.

You can tune in with or with­out the app, any time, by using the URL

If you have sug­ges­tions or requests, feel free to com­ment them here, or in “sound­stock” on our Dis­cord.