Extra­tone inter­nal and exter­nal announce­ments and releas­es.

It’s Survey Season

Extratone's staff would like to know how you interact with our magazine and its products so that we can improve our readers' experiences.

5 Years of Suburban Anarchy

Beginning at 7PM on Friday, June 29th, we'll be streaming and listening to Drywall's last, critically-acclaimed album to commemorate his legacy.


Now that Reddit's desperately-needed visual overhaul has rendered it usable and much of its cultural toxicity has been purged, we're establishing our presence on The Internet's Front Page with our new subreddit: r/trato.

The Best of The Open Web

Years of optimization and a push for faster platforms have left most of the web properties you see devoid of design, but over time, we've found many projects that continue to reflect the open web's limitless possibilities for

Portland or Bust

Tomorrow, I'm heading for the Northwest, where a good many of the names you know from our masthead already reside. Of this development, good will come.

The Gutenberg Bible

It's our first seasonal reading list, ever! Unfortunately, it's only one work, this year, but it IS a very, very large one!


Extratone is far from a primary news source, but the nature of the not-for-profit, encrypted messaging service Telegram justifies our new channel, no doubt.

Save a Dog’s Life

Gus is a twelve-year-old purebred Cocker Spaniel who's life has soured a bit from old age, but we don't think he deserves to die in front of his owners.

Freshening Our Color Palette

It's time we replaced Extratone's year-old purples with something new. To see what we've come up with so far, visit the test site and send us your thoughts.

One Year of The Movie Closet

One year ago today, Episode 1 of The Movie Closet was recorded. Since their 14th, we've been honored to publish our favorite cinema podcast.

Guns A’ Blazin’

Introducing a podcast about three friends, adventures, and magic. Eryn and David recall glimpses of Summer 2016's trip to Hannibal, Missouri.

Now Featured on Anchor

Extratone Radio will now be featured in our favorite radio app's music channel.

An Explanation

Extratone's Senior Culture Editor often finds himself writing before bed to calm his mind, but it's never worked. The only result: The Mind of Marx.

Last of the Meta

Sub­scribe: Android | Google Pod­casts | RSS Despite our pen­chant for trans­paren­cy, we knew the pay­walls were com­ing, one day, and what bet­ter con­tent is there to first move behind the invest­ment bar­ri­er than

A Beautiful New Newsletter

Previously Extramail, The Tone is our new weekly, super-digestible newsletter with internal and external links to our preferred content.

State of the Extranet: Pre-Spring

Sub­scribe: Android | Google Pod­casts | RSSA spo­ken overview of my tenth editor’s let­ter for those of you who pre­fer lis­ten­ing to read­ing beau­ti­ful web con­tent.

Tune in on Anchor

We adore radio, whol­ly, and an Extra­tone inter­net radio sta­tion has been on our list for a good while. We’re also excit­ed by the new, so the re-intro­duc­tion of Anchor — an iOS & android app self-declared as

Pre-Festival Confessions of a Narcoleptic Urchin

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, I’m an author­i­ty on Colum­bia, Mis­souri.   Just two hours away from the math­e­mat­i­cal cen­ter of the Unit­ed States by motor­car, the hun­dred-some­thing thou­sand peo­ple of this midropo­lis find

MAGFest in Sight

For the first time in twen­ty five years, Walt Moss­berg will not be attend­ing the Con­sumer Elec­tron­ics Show this com­ing month. Appar­ent­ly, he expects it to bore him, and he’s no longer in the mar­ket for a tele­vi­sion

Big Data

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Introducing: Contrast

Sub­scribe: Android | Google Pod­casts | RSSI am supreme­ly thrilled to intro­duce you to a new pod­cast from Stu­dio Eat about human com­mu­ni­ca­tion — past, present and future. It’s called Con­trast, which is nice, right

State of the Extranet: Pre-Autumn

Sub­scribe: Android | Google Pod­casts | RSSExtra­tone is just under 10 weeks old. I’ve pub­lished three Freq Checks now, and I thought the illit­er­ate among you may ben­e­fit from a short lis­ten­able review. August’s

Hang Out For All 24 Hours of Le Mans 2016

Once a year, we get to wit­ness the pin­na­cle of engi­neer­ing, dri­ving, and ath­let­ic excel­lence. Even if racing/athletics/achievement mean noth­ing to you, this is an event you don’t want to miss. I (David Blue) will be

Extratone on Apple News

This is it! Extra­tone is now offi­cial­ly con­sum­able via the (debat­ably) most visu­al­ly-digestible news aggre­ga­tor avail­able! I’m tremen­dous­ly proud and appre­cia­tive for the friends of mine who’ve