Meta Music and Gaming Festival Words

Preparation for Departure


We’re about to depart for Mary­land in our rental Chevro­let Son­ic.

My feet and I are shuf­fling… writhing.

I am going to bring so much fuck­ing equip­ment. I hope you are ready. I hope you feel sat­is­fied with your lev­el of con­tri­bu­tion. I hope you are excit­ing for the may­hem that is about to occur on this god­damned web­site. I know I am.

I’ve just pur­chased a 12-pack of Red­Bull, but I am minus adder­all right now, and there­fore stu­pe­fied by my abil­i­ty to get any words to you at all. Maybe this state will final­ly bring that read­abil­i­ty my machine is so des­per­ate­ly crav­ing, but I hope I can con­tin­ue to deny it — and you — that ter­ri­ble omen. We are not trav­el­ing this sort of dis­tance to bring you any­thing you expect, though I have a feel­ing you’re going to like what you find here.

Here? Oh yeah!

Welcome to M A G F E S T  EDITION!

I find it very pret­ty. If you don’t, piss off for­ev­er.

I hope by now you know how to fur­ther & fol­low this effort of ours, but in case you don’t:

And thanks for get­ting this far!

I’m new to blog­ging, but I’m going to do my best.

See you in Mary­land, chum.