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Hypo-Hyno­hypocrisy and some very bad mojo. 
From whence Kevin, The First came, and Til­da Swin­ton gro­cery shopped; where tires are burned, and golf is for­got­ten…
THAT is where we shall meet our end.
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A wet, slimy, greasy chain would be hard­er to hold onto than a leather belt.”
The Office was final­ly men­tioned on The Movie Clos­et, and guess who it was that brought it up?(Or just go see for your­self - in Spank­trav­i­sion.)
“How bliss­ful­ly igno­rant those kayak­ers were, going about their pad­dling busi­ness, unaware of the hulk­ing met­al appa­ra­tus under their entombed low­er body.
In The Truth About Kayaks, our own K.I. - Ace Prose Haunt of the North - recount­ed her har­row­ing recent expe­ri­ence with urban kayak­ing and her shock­ing encounter with a mys­te­ri­ous unknown enti­ty called The Gear. (Rumor has it that she pound­ed out the entire piece in less than 25 min­utes.)
I don’t think I’ll ever be the same again, but it’s no mat­ter because we cel­e­brat­ed two birth­days:
Leu Leu’s, with a spe­cial front­page con­tain­ing all of her one-of-a-kind words, along with Nina’s, by revis­it­ing our one-on-one Drycast inter­view from ages ago + a few of her oth­er pod­cast expe­ri­ences, over the years.


Man­age­r­i­al lib­er­al­ism is doing what any super­ego must under severe stress: con­tin­ue, against all hope, to assert con­trol.”
The Los Ange­les Review of BooksEmmett Rensin echoed his recent, well-titled essay, The Blath­er­ing Super­ego at the End of His­to­ry, with anoth­er seething front-page mono­logue for The Out­line on the dire state of the left and the deep­en­ing trails of its hem­or­rhag­ing dig­ni­ty as it strug­gles in mount­ing frus­tra­tion to com­bat Tump on any ground, under vir­tu­al­ly any terms.
◍ When the ghouls return… I am wor­ried that the Amer­i­can left already in a posi­tion more pre­car­i­ous than it cares to admit will find itself in a fight far more dif­fi­cult than the one it faces right now.”
But the dark­en­ing” of it all promis­es a purg­ing, albeit tedious, thank­less, and far from roman­tic.
It is only in this cri­sis that cit­i­zens raised in the heart of our empire have become the least bit amenable to rad­i­cal solu­tions. It is only in this cri­sis that the dull cen­trists have let slip their total monop­oly on the pos­si­ble, and admit­ted that more rad­i­cal solu­tions exist at all.”
The real war is on idio­cy, then, and Tump - though still a cen­ter­piece in its crest - is idi­ot­ic with more nuance than any of us could’ve seen com­ing.
After 30 years of mar­riage, your high-school boyfriend might sud­den­ly seem like a good option again.”
If you’ve got a strong stom­ach for taste­less, inel­e­gant dri­v­el, I guess you can pro­ceed to this New York Post piece that vague­ly orbits the top­ic of mil­len­ni­al adul­tery, but the excerpt from psy­chol­o­gy pro­fes­sor Jean M. Twenge’s upcom­ing book found on The Atlantic is a vast­ly supe­ri­or pre­sen­ta­tion of the authority’s data & indi­vid­ual con­ver­sa­tions in her inves­ti­ga­tion of the smartphone’s cul­tur­al and devel­op­men­tal con­se­quences.
Across a range of behaviors—drinking, dat­ing, spend­ing time unsu­per­vised— 18-year-olds now act more like 15-year-olds used to, and 15-year-olds more like 13-year-olds.”
Her find­ings are sup­port­ive in con­clu­sions that near­ly any observ­er - now regard­less of demo­graph­ic, essen­tial­ly - wouldn’t be sur­prised to arrive upon in con­jec­ture or silent judge­ment to such a degree that the lan­guage is alto­geth­er cer­tain, bewil­der­ing, and devoid of excep­tion. (Not­ed sim­ply for the rar­i­ty of the instance.)
Teens who spend more time than aver­age on screen activ­i­ties are more like­ly to be unhap­py, and those who spend more time than aver­age on non­screen activ­i­ties are more like­ly to be hap­py. There’s not a sin­gle excep­tion. All screen activ­i­ties are linked to less hap­pi­ness, and all non­screen activ­i­ties are linked to more hap­pi­ness.”
What’s not com­mon­ly occurred to us all, I think, is just how over­whelm­ing the tech­nol­o­gy crit­ics’ major­i­ty is. The num­ber of those younger technophiles (in the lit­er­al use of the term) who claim to wish osmo­sis with the dig­i­tal world’ who’d actu­al­ly be down for a BMI or two is quite small, in my expe­ri­ence, and there’s still a plen­ty of nat­ur­al, inescapable zest in even the least healthy child­hoods - I nev­er doubt­ed that kids would begin to ques­tion the inevitable results of missed devel­op­ment, inde­pen­dent of sci­ence.
I saw hope­ful signs that kids them­selves are begin­ning to link some of their trou­bles to their ever-present phone.”*
Yes, lis­ten to me no more, but it’s an essen­tial read - focus on the data and real­ly give it a chance.
A study in vul­ner­a­bil­i­ty might pre­pare you for the sto­ry of Danielle Allen’s cousin and the price he had to pay for three strikes.”
As for Media Meta, The Flood’s upcom­ing launch is par­tic­u­lar­ly intrigu­ing.
An online pub­li­ca­tion that sits at the con­flu­ence of rad­i­cal pol­i­tics and root­ed spir­i­tu­al­i­ty.”
The War Horse doesn’t fuck around, the Wall Street Jour­nal has cer­tain­ly had bet­ter quar­ters, but Patre­on is gain­ing cul­tur­al momen­tum & rel­e­vance, final­ly - enough for a nice big page-top­ping insid­er with cus­tom art on The Verge, at least, despite my just now hear­ing that its CEO — Jack Con­te — is the Pom­plam­oose guy???!!!!
(Dis­clo­sure: Extra­tone uses Patreon’s ser­vices for sub­scrip­tions.)
WANTED: Reck­less, Bit­ter, Pos­si­bly-Sui­ci­dal Old Mon­ey,
Will­ing to Blur Lines.

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