Riverboats, Digital Foodism, and David Foster Wallace

Coin­ci­den­tal­ly, poor cell sig­nal delayed today’s newslet­ter by twelve hours.
Wel­come to The Late Tone…
We Are All Aggre­ga­tors
May God have mer­cy on our souls.


Your mid-3os soc­cer mom with a bob hair­cut that demands to speak to a man­ag­er at every estab­lish­ment they walk in to regard­less of whether or not they’ve been there before atti­tude stops with me.”
When’s the last time you thought about Yelp!?!?!?
Aston­ish­ing­ly, the crowd-sourced food estab­lish­ment review app still exists. More than like­ly, Isiah’s Mon­day dis­sec­tion of its cur­rent state is the first men­tion of it, any­where, since 2008, yet they’re still ridicu­lous­ly strin­gent about the use of their brand.
“Damn you peo­ple! This is golf!”
The Movie Clos­et tack­led the under­dog trope for their 43rd episode. How many tropes are there in film, any­way?!
“Just a lil’ tid­bit — a taste.”
Eryn, Made­line, and I final­ly launched our rur­al trav­el pod­cast.
It’s called Run­nin’ Down a Dream, and — though I’ve “nev­er guar­an­teed any­thing” — I can guar­an­tee it’ll be fun­ny, if noth­ing else.
“Please just make the toast.”
We found it preva­lent to dig up a Drycast lega­cy clip involv­ing gen­der, NASCAR, and sen­tient appli­ances.


’Free will’ is just the biol­o­gy we haven’t learned yet.”
Radi­o­lab reap­proached a dis­turb­ing sto­ry record­ed 4 years ago involv­ing work­place romance, seizures, and child pornog­ra­phy. As Jad notes in their pref­ace, the way we blame” is a pri­ma­ry theme, but we find account­abil­i­ty to be a bit bet­ter-encom­pass­ing, and think choice” should not be exclud­ed.
“Free will” is awful­ly bib­li­cal, but per­haps not inac­cu­rate­ly, if one takes David Fos­ter Wallace’s word for it. (Most will, I would imag­ine.)
There is no such thing as not wor­ship­ping. Every­body wor­ships. The only choice we get is what to wor­ship.”
Yes, it’s a fluffy lis­ti­cle, but DFW’s sub­stance eas­i­ly over­rides the super­fi­cial­i­ty that usu­al­ly defines the medi­um (and… Medi­um.) All five cita­tions are incred­i­bly pro­found.
Every­body is iden­ti­cal in their secret unspo­ken belief that way deep down they are dif­fer­ent from every­one else.”
Get over that ASAP, would ya? It’s start­ing to have very seri­ous geopo­lit­i­cal and cli­ma­to­log­i­cal con­se­quences, and we’ll nev­er for­give you if it costs us the cul­ture of rur­al South.
Speak­ing of which - cel­lu­lar cov­er­age is still a sig­nif­i­cant (and some­times dan­ger­ous) issue for the antimet­ro­pol­i­tans of Amer­i­ca, but solu­tions appear to be under­way. Matt Dunne - an advi­sor” to the small cell net­work provider,” Cov­er­age­Co — pro­fessed the woes & frus­tra­tions of a dis­con­nect­ed heart­land in an op-ed for WIRED
“As in oth­er geo­graph­ic and eco­nom­ic tran­si­tion peri­ods in our his­to­ry, this rebal­anc­ing of economies across our coun­try can­not be real­ized with­out com­mu­ni­ca­tion infra­struc­ture and the inten­tion­al use of resources to make it hap­pen. Broad­band and cell ser­vice are crit­i­cal to ensur­ing we bring back eco­nom­ic bal­ance across the geog­ra­phy of our nation.”
We’ll spare you any dis­cus­sion over The Gif, but would like to make it known to Tump, per­son­al­ly, that he is a weak, old man, and he’s wel­come to Extra­tone fisticuffs at any time & place of his choos­ing to make it easy on us and the rest of the media indus­try.
A blow to the face is much less effort than a full Pres­i­den­tial term’s worth of cov­er­age.
On the meta­me­dia side, CJR’s The Kick­er took on women’s pub­li­ca­tions” with Christie Chisholm and Meg Dal­ton, The New York Times report­ed on a Ger­man law passed on Fri­day deliv­er­ing specifics regard­ing how social media com­pa­nies oper­at­ing with­in the coun­try respond to ille­gal, racist or slan­der­ous com­ments and posts,” and The Out­line not­ed the con­firmed & sus­pect­ed par­tic­i­pants in the upcom­ing dig­i­tal media protest for net neu­tral­i­ty on July 12th.
Nev­er a dull one, eh? 
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