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An editor’s com­pan­ion to today’s issue of The Tone.
All fire and smoke and noth­ing inside. 
Hap­py birth­day to the most intel­lec­tu­al­ly and eco­nom­i­cal­ly dis­parate coun­try on the plan­et.
We hope the war sim­u­la­tion blew some demons back home.planet.
Would she be will­ing to close a long-stand­ing mys­tery by con­fid­ing in a stranger, let alone 2,300 oth­ers? I feel strange, mak­ing the deci­sion to reach out, but I’m a suck­er for ques­tions being answered.”
Isi­ah’s jour­ney to join 1000 Steam groups led him to dis­cov­er a mys­tery involv­ing BDSM and a miss­ing child.
One of my friends con­fused Pearl Har­bor with Sav­ing Pri­vate Ryan.” 
The Movie Clos­et crew were espe­cial­ly pro­found, this week, oper­at­ing under a prompt/theme of films that were adapt­ed from books, inevitably leav­ing them under pres­sure from a few of t h e  c l a s s i c s , which they han­dled admirably.
Who knew Mikel Bass had so much to say about George Orwell?
(I did, actu­al­ly.)
Streetwear is near­ing 21st cen­tu­ry equiv­a­len­cy with Dandy­ism - a sub­cul­ture of men in the 1800s that dressed very flam­boy­ant­ly - almost like Yan­kee doo­dle. Fuck­er wore a feath­er in his hat.” 
Tim’s author­i­ty on fash­ion is unbri­dled, and streetwear is undoubt­ed­ly a blindspot for the rest of us. In his How To, he offers us pro­gres­sive­ly less legal options to keep our heads above water, should we decide to buy our way into the game. 


Per­haps noth­ing under our newsletter’s DIVISION head­er has suit­ed it more than a ves­ti­gial poll on trust which turned up the num­ber 90% - the por­tion of Repub­li­cans who view Pres­i­dent Trump as more trust­wor­thy than CNN,” and 47% - the # of poll par­tic­i­pants who would describe Tump Tweets as undig­ni­fied.”
You’re damned right.
◍ Trump is dead.”
(The dog, that is.)
((I’d try to fool ya, but Tump’s long past any enter­tain­ment val­ue, what­so­ev­er.))
The New York­er Radio Hour’s Steven Valenti­no and Lizzie Wid­di­combe brave­ly trav­eled to Palm Beach, where Tump has already spent an inap­pro­pri­ate por­tion of his term holed up in Mar-a-Lago - the new mon­ey” palace” in which he can hide away, sur­round­ing him­self with cheap fur­ni­ture, mani­a­cal advis­ers, and idi­ot­ic dish­es.
Trump is a man of the peo­ple as long as the peo­ple can cough up $200,000 a year.”
After lis­ten­ing to some forty min­utes of the hellhole’s sounds behind the episode, they’re left to play out for a moment, end­ing the sto­ry just after …50 Tom­a­hawk mis­siles,” and I feel sick. If your stom­ach is a bit staunch­er, and you’re inter­est­ed in the hard­er stuff, head to the New York­er to hear about Tump’s meet­ing with Putin.
“Close to 2 mil­lion peo­ple are incar­cer­at­ed in the US today, and each episode of Ear Hus­tle offers a unique glimpse into their lives, 30 min­utes at a time.”
Sure­ly, it wasn’t all that hard to pitch a pod­cast to be record­ed, edit­ed, and pro­duced in San Quentin. The first episode is a lit­tle rough, but sur­re­al in a man­ner that’s bound to ensure some sort of lis­tern­ship. I know I’ll be stick­ing along.
Putting on a bathing suit, espe­cial­ly for women and femmes, can be like putting on a wear­able micro­scope that forces you to zoom in on your own self-con­scious­ness and doubt.”
The Out­line’s abil­i­ty to so con­fi­dent­ly crit­i­cize neo-lib­er­al cul­tur­al waves and illu­mi­nate their more detri­men­tal con­se­quences via such superb visu­al deliv­ery is why we keep them around. There can­not be true lib­er­a­tion with­out de-com­mer­cial­iza­tion.
Speak­ing of which, our Grand­est Val­ley - the omnipresent moniker” is prob­a­bly the real Hell on Earth, espe­cial­ly for women. Thanks to YouTube, it is still unabashed­ly democ­ra­tized, though.
It came from Nazis.”
(lol) + (lmao) + (holy fuck)
As part of the last gen­er­a­tion to grow up with­out the inter­net, I am still not accus­tomed to the dras­tic ways search algo­rithms can direct people’s lives.” 
Wired didn’t do any­thing to fix their site after they absorbed Backchan­nel, which is a shame, but this mys­ti­fy­ing sto­ry about the search for a miss­ing sis­ter is a beau­ti­ful and chill­ing por­tray­al of algo­rithms’ pro­found effect on con­tem­po­rary life, and well-worth break­ing your brows­er tab.
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