The Junction

Occa­sion­al com­men­tary on our newslet­ter’s aggre­ga­tions
regard­ing DIVISION, ART, and MEDIA.

Literacy is a Human Right

Neither television nor illiteracy are dying remotely fast enough to sustain the human intellect, but the nonprofit is becoming sexy again... VERY quickly.

Favorite Publications

Every day, our staff reads A LOT of both online and printed news, prose, academic essays, short stories, opinion, etc. Here's their well-developed palette.


From whence Kevin, The First came, and Tilda Swinton grocery shopped; where tires are burned, and golf is forgotten. THAT is where we shall meet our end.

The Email Chic

How to make useful sense of The Second Email Age and its often-vile hives by choosing the right newsletters according to an old rogue outside the industry.

Dusty-Ass Dynasty

Happy birthday to the most intellectually and economically disparate country on the planet. We hope the war simulation blew some demons back home.

Tractor Blogging

Culture's apparently-growing willingness to identify and berate hurtful speech, and *I* am eloping to rural America for a break from the news.