Surpassing The Old

Driving The New

Progress requires con­ver­sa­tion, and con­ver­sa­tion requires progress.

Robyn’s “Body Talk”

On the eve of her new album's first single reveal, we reflect on the Swedish artist's incredibly-sincere, yet profound past contribution to the pop mystic.

Twitter Lists

Twitter's incongruities and failures in designing their native services have become a part of their identity, but there are still a few ways you can make your Twitter experience better if you know where to look.

Unsolicited Creative Advice

You have real potential, you know that? But I don’t wanna see that potential go to waste. There’s room for improvement. I mean, your work is good, don’t get me wrong, haha. But I think we could elevate it, do you know what I’m

The Good Guy, Han Solo

In Ron Howard's care, Han Solo's spinoff impishly submerges the Star Wars fan in the staple origin of the reluctant hero's rudimentary and tiresome lifelong inner conflict among a steady unsubtle spattering of jokes at the

Google Church

Parallels between Google and the 16th century Vatican abound, and last week's news about the company revealed that they're quickly losing their minds, and are well on track to assuming their place as our new ruler.

Essential Tweets

Twitter's new Bookmarks feature allows you to save good Tweets, among other things, and definitely justifies this listicle, authored by seasoned, nostalgic users who'd really love for you to CLICK THE LINK.

That Sounds Stupid

The gang pitches movies with plots that are totally absurd and sound ridiculous. This week's choices are Being John Malkovich, Hot Tub Time Machine, Freddy Got Fingered, and Paperman.

The Last iPhone

If you've been using iOS since the beginning, the iPhone 8 represents the end of your era, but how well does it wrap things up?

Best in Show

The gang pitches films that have won an Oscar for Best Picture. The choices this week are Million Dollar Baby, Moonlight, Gladiator, and The Departed.