Surpassing The Old

Driving The New

Progress requires con­ver­sa­tion, and con­ver­sa­tion requires progress.


Following a Millennium theme and down Mikel Bass, the crew must decide between three films made in the oughts.

The Ven

In Seattle, a mysterious underground culture of extreme para-veganism operates with an unclear agenda. We met with its 'homegrown' acolytes to learn more.


From whence Kevin, The First came, and Tilda Swinton grocery shopped; where tires are burned, and golf is forgotten. THAT is where we shall meet our end.

The Truth About Kayaks

Kayaks have been gaining popularity as a form of transportation amongst city-dwelling millennials, but what lurks in the recesses of that hollow hull?

The Email Chic

How to make useful sense of The Second Email Age and its often-vile hives by choosing the right newsletters according to an old rogue outside the industry.

Dusty-Ass Dynasty

Happy birthday to the most intellectually and economically disparate country on the planet. We hope the war simulation blew some demons back home.


A mystery in a Steam group. A missing child. An investigation launched eight years after the fact.

Children of The Search

The search algorithm exploitation of our neocapitalistic dystopia is ruining the minds of an entire generation.