David Blue


Founder & Cap­tain of the Dig­i­tal Lost Boys
A pre­ten­tious fiend.
Obsessed with the fresh.
Cre­at­ed of idio­syn­crasy.

Mom and Dad

Brian Taylor's 83 minutes of gross suburban parental terror and hilarity performs every function you could possibly ask of such a film, combining excellent attention to detail with a refreshingly inventive use of sound.

The Last iPhone

If you've been using iOS since the beginning, the iPhone 8 represents the end of your era, but how well does it wrap things up?

Three Billboards Outside Silva North Carolina

Martin McDonagh's black comedy recklessly portrays working class Missourians in a tasteless fashion that wouldn't be unforgivably insensible without a few uncouth decisions.


Facebook's "new" commitment for 2018 is not a concession and its CEO has never sought anything more noble than the continued liquidation of your attention.