Leo Marx


Streetwear culture is rife with crime, bad taste, and unnecessary criticism, but there are a few alternative angles for better fashion success in the game.

Caffeine Addiction 101

So, you’re new to the world renowned drug known as "caffeine." Look no further - Mr. Marx is here to guide you.

An Explanation

Extratone's Senior Culture Editor often finds himself writing before bed to calm his mind, but it's never worked. The only result: The Mind of Marx.

Nextbit Nancy

Sub­scribe: Apple Pod­casts | Android | Google Pod­casts | RSS | Sub­scribe to Extra­tone Tim reviews his new hand­set before we catch up on the past month’s news. SHOW NOTES

Crowdfunded Dental Blogging

Sub­scribe: Android | Google Pod­casts | RSS | Sub­scribe to Extra­tone Nina, G, and Jab50Yen joined David & Tim for a loos­er, old-for­mat episode on our Spring dis­cus­sion of agri­cul­ture, fash­ion, com­mer­cial

Federated Stigmoidoscopy

David, Hawthorn, and Tim discuss our interview with Eugen Rochko - newborn tech celebrity (as of yesterday) in federated social.

Delete Eggs

Tim Marx and David Blue forget the future consistently in this distinctly sober episode on Twitter, facial recognition, Telegram, Anchor, and... vaping.

Assuming Vapor

Culture Editor Leo Marx has been seen using a vaporizer before, but he never talks about it. Let's break the clause and try an abstract of the mindset.

Godless Truth Dweeb

Culture Editor Timmy Marx joined Editor-in-Chief David Blue to belch and squeak as we reviewed our experience at the True/False Film Festival in our native Columbia, MO.

Teaching Crop to Talk

Sub­scribe: Apple Pod­casts | Android | Google Pod­casts | RSS | Sub­scribe to Extra­toneLast episode, David described his expe­ri­ence read­ing Milo Yii­ii for the first time. Today, he’s dead. Next up: Annie Coats. I


I have come from a line of Great men and less­er menmen who lead proud and ful­fill­ing lives and those who died before they had timethese men worked with their handsand with their mindsstrong men and smart menlock­smiths and

The Beauty of DICE’s Great War

So, you see that DICE has put out a new game in its Bat­tle­field series and won­der why the hell is it called Bat­tle­field One? (“BF1” for the cool kids.) Well, it’s not the first in the series — that was years

Is Donald Trump the Original Cyberbogan?

Sub­scribe: Apple Pod­casts | Android | Google Pod­casts | RSS | Sub­scribe to Extra­toneWe had lots of wel­come help this week. Whit­ney made her first appear­ance and Kali, jab50yen, Isi­ah, and Juni Cortez stuck out

Johnny Bleeder

For our eighteenth episode, Tim joins Emily Waters and I for a review of The Yeare of Our Lorde 2016, including home printing, Facebook's lies, and Tump.


Sub­scribe: Android | Google Pod­casts | RSSWhat a won­der­ful reunion! Boss Prose Man Marx joins me as we catch up with Alexa’s past year and hear from Juni Cortez and Chris. Twit­ter David Tim Alexa Juni Chris