Hawthorn Bradley JR.

Visiting Virtual Reality

After avoiding my first virtual reality experience for several years, I finally conceded and strapped on PlayStation VR with YouTube and Farpoint.

Federated Stigmoidoscopy

David, Hawthorn, and Tim discuss our interview with Eugen Rochko - newborn tech celebrity (as of yesterday) in federated social.

Johnny Bleeder

For our eighteenth episode, Tim joins Emily Waters and I for a review of The Yeare of Our Lorde 2016, including home printing, Facebook's lies, and Tump.

Transcend the Dolphins

Emily Waters joined Hawthorn and I for a discussion on social media consolidation and our generation's responsibilities regarding the advertising model.

The New Yorker for Neets

CTO Cil and Music Editor Wabi joined me on the six month anniversary of Extratone's creation to chat and reflect on this history of our child.

Constantly and Immediately at Risk

Futureland's 13th episode provided us an opportunity to reflect for the first time on the post-Presidency/post-COMPAQ future and showcase some new cohosts.