Emily Waters

Johnny Bleeder

For our eighteenth episode, Tim joins Emily Waters and I for a review of The Yeare of Our Lorde 2016, including home printing, Facebook's lies, and Tump.

Stoking the Wearable Botnet

Sub­scribe: Apple Pod­casts | Android | Google Pod­casts | RSS | Sub­scribe to Extra­toneAlacrity & Pro­duc­tion Edi­tors Alek Michael and Emi­ly Waters join me to talk about The Out­line — Topolsky’s lat­est

Screw Loose & Emotion

  Screw Loose they’re all staring at me though they haven’t turned their heads (still i know they’re watching) they’re waiting for me to trip slip stumble fall everyone always it call me paranoid call me insane (promise i

Transcend the Dolphins

Emily Waters joined Hawthorn and I for a discussion on social media consolidation and our generation's responsibilities regarding the advertising model.

And so it begins

If you’re read­ing this, you might be won­der­ing what poems and hydro­gen per­ox­ide have to do with each oth­er. In my world, the answer to that ques­tions is sim­ple; they serve a sim­i­lar pur­pose. As a child, your par­ents