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It’s Survey Season

Extratone's staff would like to know how you interact with our magazine and its products so that we can improve our readers' experiences.

Dear Netscape

Hey Netscape, Extratone is cool and we spare no effort in the dynamic presentation of honest, relevant and often passably amusing content.

The Best of The Open Web

Years of optimization and a push for faster platforms have left most of the web properties you see devoid of design, but over time, we've found many projects that continue to reflect the open web's limitless possibilities for

Why Do We Feel Like We Need to Be Awoken All the Damn Time?

[mks_dropcap style=“square” size=“55” bg_color=”#ddcccc” txt_color=“#4f1200”]W[/mks_dropcap]hy does human­i­ty need to be con­scious­ly awake? Why are there so many sto­ries about human­i­ty encoun­ter­ing a plot to effec­tive­ly

Bentley Motors Vietnam

BMW and Kale joined David Blue to discuss their lost adventures in Kansas City, used car buying, Microsoft's new browser, Facebook Messenger, and I Want to Die Memes.