David Blue

The Gutenberg Bible

It's our first seasonal reading list, ever! Unfortunately, it's only one work, this year, but it IS a very, very large one!


Extratone is far from a primary news source, but the nature of the not-for-profit, encrypted messaging service Telegram justifies our new channel, no doubt.

Favorite Publications

Every day, our staff reads A LOT of both online and printed news, prose, academic essays, short stories, opinion, etc. Here's their well-developed palette.

Through an iPhone 4’s Lens

The launch of the iPhone 4 instigated a change in our perception of digital photography. We looked back to find our favorite of its snaps for us.

Dennis the Tennis Menace

Half a soul, reacquired. Freedom, renewed. A trip to the Lake of the Ozarks, news on the immediate future of Extratone, and self-aggregation from the past.

Save a Dog’s Life

Gus is a twelve-year-old purebred Cocker Spaniel who's life has soured a bit from old age, but we don't think he deserves to die in front of his owners.


From whence Kevin, The First came, and Tilda Swinton grocery shopped; where tires are burned, and golf is forgotten. THAT is where we shall meet our end.

Freshening Our Color Palette

It's time we replaced Extratone's year-old purples with something new. To see what we've come up with so far, visit the test site and send us your thoughts.


Visually, we now occupy an entirely different ecosystem, with a vastly bolstered media beat, more bespoke landing pages, and custom bylines.

Pitchfork Utilitarianism

Our experience and aftermath of the Pitchfork Music Festival and some pretentious, ink-spending ramblings on existence, free-of-charge.


Thanks to less-than-ideal circumstances, I’m going to be beached even earlier this month. Here are my last throes before I succumb to rest.

The Email Chic

How to make useful sense of The Second Email Age and its often-vile hives by choosing the right newsletters according to an old rogue outside the industry.

One Year of The Movie Closet

One year ago today, Episode 1 of The Movie Closet was recorded. Since their 14th, we've been honored to publish our favorite cinema podcast.