David Blue

Three Billboards Outside Silva North Carolina

Martin McDonagh's black comedy recklessly portrays working class Missourians in a tasteless fashion that wouldn't be unforgivably insensible without a few uncouth decisions.


Facebook's "new" commitment for 2018 is not a concession and its CEO has never sought anything more noble than the continued liquidation of your attention.

Snail Mail

Our new postal box and how you can fill it, along with a review of the Spooky Month's activities and our plans for the future of Extratone Portland.

David Blue’s Ass

A photo of my legs and asshole, as seen through the lens of the Samsung Galaxy S8 at the hands of Hawthorn Bradley Jr.

Facebook Slain

This morning, several thousand users - including myself - have already filed reports depicting the results of our inability to connect to Facebook dot com.

Rock Springs, Wyoming

Stumbling upon the history and mysteries of bloodstained Rock Springs in its dining, lodging, and "nightlife" before escaping, unsettled on a slashed tire.

Visiting Virtual Reality

After avoiding my first virtual reality experience for several years, I finally conceded and strapped on PlayStation VR with YouTube and Farpoint.

Homeless in Portland

We've arrived in Portland, Oregon, and I sleeping in my Jaguar's backseat. Instead of pitying me, I expect you to first enjoy the spectacle.


Stranded on the Oregon Trail in Wyoming, desperately clacking away Yelp! reviews and copy for my self-help book for 20-something cishet white men.

Portland or Bust

Tomorrow, I'm heading for the Northwest, where a good many of the names you know from our masthead already reside. Of this development, good will come.

Flying in Minecraft

A quick tutorial of flight in Minecraft that'll have you in the air in no time! Before you take off, let's consider some alternative experiences.

On the Future of Beauty

This subera of ungainly, uneducated design wrapping wretchedly redundant arguments in publishing WILL be brought to an end, with or without your assistance.

Literacy is a Human Right

Neither television nor illiteracy are dying remotely fast enough to sustain the human intellect, but the nonprofit is becoming sexy again... VERY quickly.

A Fair Warning

A longtime resident used Craigslist to ward off potential settlers with his disturbing testimonial of slumptown's greedy, heterophobic atrocities.