David Blue


The Extranet is now faster than ever and it's only getting better. Extratone Radio has resumed broadcasting across more listening platforms.

5 Years of Suburban Anarchy

Beginning at 7PM on Friday, June 29th, we'll be streaming and listening to Drywall's last, critically-acclaimed album to commemorate his legacy.

Twitter Lists

Twitter's incongruities and failures in designing their native services have become a part of their identity, but there are still a few ways you can make your Twitter experience better if you know where to look.

The Good Guy, Han Solo

In Ron Howard's care, Han Solo's spinoff impishly submerges the Star Wars fan in the staple origin of the reluctant hero's rudimentary and tiresome lifelong inner conflict among a steady unsubtle spattering of jokes at the

Microsoft Edge for iOS

Microsoft's new iOS version of their Edge browser promises a synced, cross-platform web experience, but its best advantages are the same as its Windows-based sibling.

Google Church

Parallels between Google and the 16th century Vatican abound, and last week's news about the company revealed that they're quickly losing their minds, and are well on track to assuming their place as our new ruler.

Year Two in Review

Extratone's second year saw growth and a close call. In the third to come, we'll be once again exploring new ways of better expanding the community.


Now that Reddit's desperately-needed visual overhaul has rendered it usable and much of its cultural toxicity has been purged, we're establishing our presence on The Internet's Front Page with our new subreddit: r/trato.

Logitech G203

The Logitech G203 is officially "gamer gear," but it's important to clarify the term's meaning in both hardware and software for an adult in 2018. And yet, at least it remains overwhelmingly clear that we will all eventually die.

Essential Tweets

Twitter's new Bookmarks feature allows you to save good Tweets, among other things, and definitely justifies this listicle, authored by seasoned, nostalgic users who'd really love for you to CLICK THE LINK.

Eyes On Those Ads!

2017 didn't end so well for Extratone, but we're steadily preparing to recapture and augment our momentum for this year with a much faster platform, resurrected newsletter, and more exclusive subscriber benefits.

Mom and Dad

Brian Taylor's 83 minutes of gross suburban parental terror and hilarity performs every function you could possibly ask of such a film, combining excellent attention to detail with a refreshingly inventive use of sound.

The Last iPhone

If you've been using iOS since the beginning, the iPhone 8 represents the end of your era, but how well does it wrap things up?