Roses Are Red

ros­es are red and that’s a verse only taught to lovers ros­es are red you end­ed up being blue and as we mixed u decid­ed pur­ple just wasn’t the colour for you Ros­es are red My bed still holds your smell, I still hold your

July 1st

June I miss took you for your best friend who I had been into months pri­or. you told me how you weren’t him but you were some­one else and nev­er did I think from that day on I would talk with you every­day. July 1st you asked

Left Hand

my cheeks get warm while my tears driz­zle down like rain you are still on com­ing traf­fic in mid july while the sun beats down on the con­crete the rhythm of us is no longer gen­tle and sweet it’s bru­tal and destruc­tive while