Anne Thracks

Teaching Crop to Talk

Sub­scribe: Apple Pod­casts | Android | Google Pod­casts | RSS | Sub­scribe to Extra­toneLast episode, David described his expe­ri­ence read­ing Milo Yii­ii for the first time. Today, he’s dead. Next up: Annie Coats. I

The Siblings’ Favorite Stores: a poem

The Sib­lings’ Favorite Stores shoprite is a place of dig­ni­fied shop­ping it is for those who some­times don’t need to clip coupons my moth­er does not need, she wants goodwill’s floors are always slight­ly dirty nev­er ful­ly


Sub­scribe: Android | Google Pod­casts | RSSWhat a won­der­ful reunion! Boss Prose Man Marx joins me as we catch up with Alexa’s past year and hear from Juni Cortez and Chris. Twit­ter David Tim Alexa Juni Chris  

Fresh Produce

I bought some squash at the store today, Mike. I was at a not-so-refined estab­lish­ment Late in the day He bumped around in my bag, filled my thoughts nois­i­ly and pierced my plans with deri­sion. I planned on eat­ing him