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Direc­tor of The Vidya Gaem Awards and film author­i­ty PhoneEat­ing­Bear joins James Wil­son, Dys­rex­ia, BMW, Mad­die Prob­a­bly, and David Blue to dis­cuss the past and future of the incred­i­bly orig­i­nal online game indus­try video project, 4chan, and bone­less chick­en. Includ­ed: an inter­view with Nina Online.

We’re all going to die

THE GREAT DEBATE: “Bone­less wings are chick­en nuggets”

CollinP has Ver­i­zon wire­less

The Vidya Gaem Awards Sto­ry

Birthed by 4chan

Cool con­sole jokes

Zayn Malik and Jere­my Clark­son swap jobs

Word asso­ci­a­tion

Face­book Drone Future

Tupac still alive

Inces­tu­ous Celes­tial Phe­nom­e­na

Scott Pil­grim vs. James Wil­son


Dys on Dun­geon Crawl Stone Soup

Social Activism by the KKK and the Third Reich