Audio Drycast Spectacle

Big Boeing Boys


Liam joins us for an episode filled with mani­a­cal avi­a­tion wor­ship.


David Blue CollinP Shin­ji Kale BMW

-Vir­tu­al Air Cana­da

-EXPOSED: Cana­di­ans

-Boe­ing vs. Air­bus SMACKDOWN

-INFILTRATED: Bom­bardier


-Ultra­light pilots vs. Glid­er pilots


-Flight Sim­ming and PMDG

-Drag­on Ball Shit + The Mass Effect Film

-Halo Clique War

-Whole Foods 365

-Dick Cos­to­lo is leav­ing Twit­ter

-“Host of the cen­tu­ry”

-787 Expo­si­tion

-777X Pro­pa­gan­da


-Uber­DRIVE / more Uber-relat­ed dis­course

-Google Launch­es a YouTube Built for Gamers

-Super Hybrid

-Evil, Anti-AI Sim­ple­tons

-Per­for­mance i8 rumored

-The Alfa 4C Spi­der is here

-More car buy­ing stuff

-More Toy­ota brand image rant­i­ng