Audio Drycast Spectacle

Mikel Bass


Mikel Bass joins David Blue to dis­cuss his Colum­bia music and his upcom­ing folkpunk split, sto­ry­telling Mus­tangs, Miatas, supe­ri­or estate cars, watch­es, and oth­er macho junk.

Debunk­ing Anti­semitism

Using snapchat — mom­mili­tia

Evo dude

Drycast is fer­ment­ing

Shoenice is on Vine

GOP sexts Iran 

Nose goes is stu­pid

Jere­my Clark­son sus­pend­ed

Pimp My Ride?

The Holy Trin­i­ty of British Lux­u­ry

Jaguar XJR: The Char­i­ot of the After­life

The Apple Watch (again?)

The Apple Dilem­ma

Explain­ing watch­es (again)

Man love

The Stear­man Sto­ry

The Eter­nal Pony

Fast Estates (nobody cares)

Own­able SMART prod­ucts